I am passsionate about Capybaras and spend 4 to 5 months of every year observing these fascinating animals in different “habitats”. The blogs I have written are either about the capybaras themselves and their social lives and relationships, Or they are blogs that I have been asked to write.   A friend of mine who lives with two capybaras asked me to write the blogs he wished had been available to him when he adopted his first capybara. His and my intention is to help other people who may be thinking of living with a capybara or already do so. After my friends adopted their first capybara they discovered that the information they needed was not available on the Internet, and that much of the information that was available was inaccurate.   Everything I have written in the latter category has been carefully researched and is based on information from vets who specialise in capybara health and people with extensive experience of capybaras.

In writing these blogs my only interest is the well-being, happiness and welfare of capybaras.

Capybaras are highly intelligent and emotionally very sophisticated.   I have learnt a great deal about capybaras from my observations of their behaviour.   Romeo has had to adapt his behaviour to fit in with the demands of living with humans which is stressful for him. Watching the herd interact with each other at Nagasaki Bio Park is fascinating. The capybaras all have very different, clearly defined personalities; they remind me so much of people!   Donguri is the pre-eminent capybara at the Biopark;  she is a very wise, compassionate capybara and a natural leader.  She is number one in the Biopark female hierarchy and seems to take responsibility for the happiness and well-being of all the other capybaras.

For me, capybaras are the most Interesting animals in the world. I discovered capybaras in 1982 when I watched a BBC wildlife documentary about capybaras. They completely captured my imagination.

My first close encounter with a capybara was with Garibaldi ROUS. He spent hours on my lap looking blissfully happy and I was completely smitten.

NHK Japan  made a feature video about our visit to the Capybaras at Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan; the best place in the world for capybara lovers, where you can spend all day pampering and feeding the capybaras.   http://youtu.be/bI7Jz98GybQ

Each year I spend many months with my friends and the two capybaras they live with. These friends are doing  groundbreaking work in understanding capybaras.   I have probably spent more time observing more capybaras than anyone else outside of South America.

I have also written several books about Indonesia.   And organised an exhibition about Japanese culture. I worked for many years in the London Art World, writing about art. Having known many famous and eminent people through my work in London and through friends and family, I have found that the people who the public think are leaders in their field are frequently not those that the often small number of intelligent, well-informed people, i.e. the cognoscenti, look up to.

My other interests include travelling off the beaten track in fairly remote parts of the world, human evolution, geology and almost everything to do with Japan, the country in which I grew up. 


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I read your blog and they are very interesting. It’s good to have someone like you write passages about capybaras!!
    BTW, I come from China(please ignore my poor English :)),and there are many people in China are interested in capybaras recently, some of them want to keep one, so may I repost your passages on Chinese website (weibo–a Chinese twitter) and translate them into Chinese?


    • Thank you very much. Your English is excellent.

      Yes that would be okay to translate some of my information into Chinese. Please could you mention that the information came from “Capybara World”. Could you also put a link to my blog please: https://capybaraworld.wordpress.com/

      Especially, please translate my blog: ” A Pet Capybara: Should I Have One?” https://capybaraworld.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/a-pet-capybara-should-i-have-one/

      I would love people in China to know more about capybaras. However, please tell them – DO NOT GET A CAPYBARA AS A PET. The capybara will suffer. They are very hard to keep happy as pets. It is quite different from having a dog or a cat. In America many pet capybaras die very young. Often people find they cannot cope with a capybara when it becomes bigger and they have to send it to a rescue centre. It makes me very unhappy that so many capybaras suffer.

      Please keep in touch,

      Best wishes, Liz


      • Thank you so much and I’ll give you the link after I repost your passages if you want to know. I did some research and as I know there are no zoo have capybara in China, so it’s very nice to know capybaras more through your blog.As you said, keep in touch!


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