Where Can I Pet A Capybara in England?

You might find these videos useful: the first video shows you how to pet a capybara. Not the way you would pet a dog!

Capybara Erogenous Zones Where Capybaras like to Be Petted


Watch What Happens When Baby Capybara Is Petted

You have never heard capybaras talk to each other like this before!

These are some Wildlife Parks and Zoos where you can feed and sometimes pet capybaras.

Most zoos in Britain do not allow visitors to enter the capybara enclosure.  However the number of zoos which offer the chance to be with their capybaras is increasing.

A very few zoos offer “animal encounters” where you can feed or pet the capybaras. Although some of these zoos only say that you can feed the capybaras, some people have been able to pet the capybaras as well.

jinx Shepreth

Jinx at Shepreth Wildlife Park

Having spent the past nine years studying and observing capybaras and their behaviour I have come to some conclusions: firstly, capybaras bonded with humans seem to suffer so I believe it is very important for every capybara to be bonded with other members of their species, or with other animals of a suitable species. Capybaras are an exceptionally social and gregarious species and should not be kept alone in a separate enclosure away from other capybaras.

I see no justification for a policy which prevents keepers from petting/touching the capybaras in their care. Quite the opposite. It is very important that animals/capybaras trust their keepers. One way of building up trust is for the keeper to have positive interactions with the animals/capybaras in their care. Capybaras love to be petted If they have been socialised to humans early in their life. This socialisation should take place during what is called the “critical period” which in most species occurs at about 4 to 6 weeks of age.

Building up trust and having direct contact with the capybaras allows keepers to perform healthcare procedures, and other actions, much more easily and reduces the amount of stress animals experience in these situations.

I suspect one of the reasons zoos restrict access to the capybaras, and prefer visitors to feed rather than pet the capybaras, is a fear of litigation if the capybara accidentally bites the human.

Shepreth Wildlife Park, near Cambridge.

Shepreth Wildlife Park may offer one of the best experience for interacting with capybaras.

Jinx Shepreth 2

Jinx at Shepreth Wildlife Park

In 2019 they had four capybaras: Jinx, Daze, Hex and Hoodoo.

In the words of their capybara keeper in 2019: “Hex and Hoodoo are sisters, aged 2. They are new to the park, fairly shy, and choose not to be involved in the public encounters, but watch from a distance. Daze is a male, aged 5. He is also relatively new, and initially also watched encounters from a distance, but recently has come closer, and is now able to be fed from a bowl held by visitors, but we do not touch him yet.

Jinx is the star! She is 5 years old, and is very friendly. She certainly seems to enjoy being scratched around the ears, chest and jawline, and will position herself to get the scratches right where she wants them.

Shepreth Wildlife Park offers encounters with several of our species. We believe that having the chance to experience wild animals close up allows visitors to build empathy with individual characters, which then translates to a appreciation for the species as a whole. It also allows us to fundraise for essential conservation work at home and abroad.

We offer encounters only with species that are suited to the experience, and always with ethics committee approval. The capybaras have proven an ideal species for this and the experience has proved popular with visitors. ”

The charge is £50, which as mentioned above allows the park to fundraise for essential conservation work.

For more information:  https://sheprethwildlifepark.co.uk/

Preston, Lancashire: Wild Discovery, Ribby Hall Village, Preston, PR4 2pr – offers the best value capybara encounter in the UK at the moment.

Ribby Hall Village
Wrea Green
Tel: 01772 673836
​Email: info@wilddiscovery.co.uk


Capybara Encounters

You will create some enrichment for your chosen animal, before heading in to meet them up close for an unforgettable experience!

Keeper Note – Larry the Capybara likes to rest on your legs whilst enjoying a tickle, we can’t promise that he will be clean though, he enjoys a daily swim and mud bath!

Duration: 30 minutes
Number of people per encounter: maximum of 4
Price: £25 per person (includes zoo admission) in 2021
Age restrictions: Capybara 8 years +

South Lakes Safari Zoo, also known as Cumbria Zoo

 Melton Terrace, Lindal-in-Furness, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 0LU

Email: enquiries@cumbriazoo.co.uk

Telephone: (+44) 01229 466086

South Lakes Safari Zoo offers animal encounters with capybaras. The cost in 2020 was £50 per person for a visit lasting 20 – 30 minutes, and includes the opportunity to feed the capybaras.


Chessington Zoo which is part of Chessington World of Adventure in Surrey, England.

Another “animal encounter experience” with capybaras is at Chessington Zoo which is part of Chessington World of Adventure in Surrey, England.

Described as: “Hands on Feeding Experience and Learn about the World’s Largest Rodent”

For £30 you can spend 20 – 30 minutes with their capybaras, feeding them. Maximum group size is 4 people. (Long trousers and closed toe shoes must be worn.) Theme Park and Zoo entry are not included in the price.

For more information: https://www.chessington.com/tickets-passes/vip-experiences/

Tommy Lawn Cotswold 2

Tommy Lawn petting British Capybaras at a wildlife park that says they don’t do animal encounters!

Beale Park, north-west of Reading, Berkshire.

Beale Park offers an attractively priced sponsorship scheme which includes the opportunity to meet the capybara keeper by prior arrangement; they are considering including animal encounters in the future. Beale Park has two capybaras, Sharon and Gary, who were born in 2016 and are brother and sister;  like many male capybaras, Gary has been neutered.  The sponsorship scheme costs £35, lasts for 12 months and includes one free entry to the wildlife park.

For more information:  https://www.bealepark.org.uk/support-us/animal-adoptions/

Northumberland Zoo

Address: Eshottheugh Farm, Felton, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE65 9QH

50% Northumberland zoo capybara

Northumberland zoo has a very rewarding Capybara Encounter which in 2020 cost £40 per person, for a 20 minute session with the capybaras. You will meet their family of capybaras and feed them and you will be accompanied by a zookeeper who will be able to answer all your questions about capybaras. The price includes admission to the animal park, a small capybara stuffed toy and a complimentary drink in the tearoom.

You can also become a member of Northumberland zoo and adopt an animal, both of which will give you a 10% discount on your Capybara Encounter.

You can purchase an Encounter from our online shop, in-store or alternatively, Contact Us to organise the encounter over the phone or by email. Pre-booking is recommended, but we may also have availability on the day of availability on the day of your visit, ask in the tearoom for more information.

There may be up to 2 other people taking part in the same Encounter. Regrettably this encounter is not suitable for wheelchair users.


Cotswold Wildlife Park, at Burford, Oxfordshire

10% Cotswold wildlife Park 2019

Capybaras at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park has 4 capybaras, two five-year-old adults, Bell and Olly, born 14 January 2014 and 18 December 2014 respectively. The two pups, Apple and Kiwi were born on 5 August 2018.

Cotswold wildlife Park offers a 30 minute animal encounter where you can feed both the capybaras and tapirs together. I was told this is a strictly non-touching experience! Even the keepers do not touch the capybaras.  However one person I know was able to pet the capybaras here!

The encounter lasts 30 minutes and cost £50 per person.  https://www.cotswoldwildlifepark.co.uk/get-involved/animal-encounters/

Tommy Lawn Cotswold

Tommy Lawn at a British wildlife park

Chew Valley Animal Park, near Bristol has capybaras which you can pet. At the moment they even have baby capybaras (February 2021). For more information go to their Facebook page:


Drusillas Park, Alfriston, East Sussex

At Drusillas Park you can feed the animals in their “close encounter experiences”. The price for this experience is £80 on a weekday during term time, and £95 at the weekend or during school holidays. If there is a second person there is an extra £45 charge.


Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park

Pannington Hall Lane, Wherstead, Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 2AR

Tel: 01473 604206



Jimmy’s Farm offer animal encounters where you can meet a capybara.

You can find Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Thank you very much Tommy Lawn and Finnick Howard for their contribution to this blog.